RLD Ribbon Through Garbage Roll Bag Making Machine

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RLD Ribbon Through Garbage Roll Bag Making Machine
RLD Ribbon through garbage roll Bag Making Machine manufacturers ,suppliers,price for sale

Performance and Features:

  1. he machine is designed and produced by our company based on the latest technology in the world ( first original producer in local market)
  2. The machine adopts computer control system, servo motor structure.
  3. With functions such as photocell automatic tracking, blank/ color bag-making shift, microcomputer length setting, automatic counting, automatic alarm when reaching the set figure, automatic temperature control.
  4. Equipped with mechanical device for functions such as auto cutting, punch hole, half-round hole, strip-go-through, strip moving, side sealing, bottom sealing, point-cutting, folding, continuous rolled and roll separate etc.
  5. This machine can produce continuous-rolled strip-through type garbage bag, continuous-roll flat bag and normal flat bag.

Main Technical Variables:

Type RLD-800 RLD-1300
Max. Width of bag-making(mm) 800mm 1300mm
Max. Length of bag-making(mm) 999mm 999mm
Thickness of Film 0.01-0.05mm 0.01-0.05mm
Capacity 15-35pcs/min 15-35pcs/min
Total power 5kw 10kw
Weight(kg) 2200kg 3200kg
Overall dimension 8200×2600×2200mm 9200×3100×2200mm


Temperature meter Omron
Switch Schneider
Inverter Delta
Relay Omron
Solenoid valve Taiwan
Thermocouple RKC JAPAN
Voltmeter Japan
Ammeter Japan
Power 2PASE 220V 60HZ