Flexo Plate Bag Making Machine

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Flexo Plate Bag Making Machine
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  1. It is made of stainless steel, featuring in durability and won’t get rusty.
  2. Opted imported Philip specific printer lamp, Philip rectifier(frequency transforming type is good for registering).
  3. Lmported slow reflective violet suction membrane(Japan Toyo)
  4. Computer controller enables it to be easily operated.
  5. Adopted American digital intergrated thermo sensor.
  6. Adopted American thermo sensor.
  7. Japanese Panasonic or oriental printing plate washer, Japanese ORIX constant dry oven, featuring in strong wind.
  8. Adopted Philip specific UVC light source for removing the sticking sheet.
  9. Integrated exposure, washing printing plate and removing sheet, it is a good equipment for making soft printing plates.

Main Technical Variables:

Model Printer area Measurement:w*d*h power thickness
ZX-1000 1000*600mm 1290*910*1150mm 3.8kw 1-7mm
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