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Woven Bag Bottom Sewing Machine

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Woven Bag Bottom Sewing Machine


  1. The structure is compact with artistic appearance and it is economical owing to less maintain work.
  2. It is applied to both little workshops and big factories due to the mini-watt drive(two-phrase or three-phrase).
  3. The sewing speed is the fasteat(35-45pac/min) compared to other like products.
  4. The sack-clearance equalization as well as string length are controlled by the intelligent monitor to perfect the quality.
  5. The sewing –standby function is perfect and strings are saved which can lead to a reduction of cast.
  6. Sacks are collected by stabilized voltage buffer which can collect sacks steadily and noise can be reduced as well.
  7. The string blocks are located, which can prevent strings from breaking down without any threading trouble.
  8. The number of rejects can be efficiently reduced down due to the fully intelligent string-breaking exam and halt..

Main technical parameter:

Width of Sewing 1-800mm
Length of Sewing 1-1200mm
Width of Bottom Flange 10-40mm
Speed 35-45pcs/min
Power 1.8kw
Outing size 2200*1600*1000mm


Temperature meter Omron
Switch Schneider
Inverter Delta
Relay Omron
Solenoid valve Taiwan
Thermocouple RKC JAPAN
Voltmeter Japan
Ammeter Japan
Power 2PASE 220V 60HZ