SJ-A Wind-cooling Hot-cutting Plastic Recycle Machine

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SJ-A Wind-cooling Hot-cutting Plastic Recycle Machine


Waste Plastics Recycling Machine is used for recycling of the used and waste plastic materials. It equipped with automatic constant temperature,clectric changing filter nets.It also can pelletize the crushing material after fitting with a loader. The cutting machine adopts speed regulating motor. which can cut the matcrial according to the feeding speed of the extruder. With such features as high output, lownoise, stable performance and easy operation. It is a more ideal waste plastic film regenerative pelletizer.

Main Technical Parameter:

Main Technical Variables:

Model SJ-A90 SJ-A100 SJ-A110 SJ-A120
Screw diameter φ90 φ100 φ110 φ120
Screw aspect ratio (L/D) L/D 28:1 L/D 28:1 L/D 28:1 L/D 28:1
Screw speed 10-100r/min 10-100r/min 10-100r/min 10-100r/min
Main motor power 22kw 30kw 37kw 45kw
Output 68kg/h 95kg/h 120kg/h 135kg/h
Total weight 2600kg 2800kg 3000kg 3200kg
Footprint (L × W × H) 4000×1500×1800 4000×1500×1800 4000×1500×1800 4600×1500×180

Configuration :

Temperature meter Omron
Switch Schneider
Inverter Delta
Relay Omron
Solenoid valve Taiwan 
Thermocouple RKC JAPAN
Voltmeter Japan
Ammeter Japan
Barrel and screw material 38 chrome-molybdenum aluminum , nitrogen treated
Gear box hard tooth surface
Heating ring cast aluminum
Power 3PASE 380V 50HZ
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