BOPP Adhesive Tape Production Line Slitting Cutting Rewinding Machine

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Plastic film PE PP OPP CPP BOPP Aluminum Foil non woven paper
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BOPP Adhesive Tape Production Line Slitting Cutting Rewinding Machine

BOPP Adhesive Tape Production Line Slitting Cutting Rewinding Machine

BOPP Adhesive Tape Production Line Slitting Cutting Rewinding Machine



The wall panel of the whole machine is connected with the opposite sex pipes on both sides of the triangular three-position processing. The 25mm wallboard has undergone surface failure treatment and CNC processed at one time. The bearing box positions are all fine boring. The actual running speed of the whole machine is 200 meters per minute. The host actually consumes 30 degrees of electricity for 8 hours.

Use the national standard 4 square three-phase four-wire. Non-standard 6 square meters. (10A standard is fine)

Rewinding part:

1 Rewinding: the raw material is aerospace aluminum profile, high-pressure cloth type 5 abrasives, one-time forming

2 Winding double tension: The surface tension of the main shaft is a wool spring slip type, and the box body transmission is equipped with a backpack transmission, and the material is high-grade asbestos friction.

3 Rewinding belt overtaking system.

4Rewinding non-stop system Anti-shake is equipped with external transmission gear, and the stapler is equipped with imported long carbon chain nylon 1012 material.

Labeling part:

1 pulse motor domestic well-known brand

2German technology of magnetic coupling rodless cylinder, accurate and stable drawing, long life

3Vacuum pump, sucks gas into the pump cavity under the action of pressure difference

4 adsorption shaft, integrated main shaft, separate suction hole.

Transmission part:

1 The whole machine is made of glass fiber as a strong layer, and is covered with polyurethane. The transmission is accurate, there is no slippage during operation, and has a constant transmission ratio; the transmission is stable, with buffering and vibration reduction capabilities, and low noise; transmission High efficiency, up to 0.98, obvious energy saving effect; convenient maintenance, no lubrication, low maintenance cost; large speed ratio range, generally up to 10, linear speed up to 50m/s, with a large power transmission range, Up to a few watts to hundreds of kilowatts;

2 Adjustable eccentric tensioner

3Bearings are equipped with national standard bearings.

4 Motors are equipped with power motors of Hebei Co., Ltd.

5 Inverter is equipped with Huichuan, a special brand for the professional adhesive industry

6 Unwinding shaft, speed difference shaft, counting shaft, transmission shaft, 106mm in diameter, and the surface embossing is made of imported Dajintefolong anti-adhesive layer

8 Guide shaft The special aluminum profile is pressed and formed at one time, and the surface hardness is processed in 5 ways. Special support for atrial tremor on both sides. The wall thickness is thickened, with reinforcing ribs for dynamic balance.

Unwinding part

1The unwinding reel is equipped with a high-precision cloth with a diameter of 50, and a cold drawn steel with good surface quality. Both sides of the parent roll are equipped with a central tapered trapezoidal fixed ring. It is equipped with a gravity air shaft.

2 Unwinding tension: the gear matches the transmission resistance, the tension control PLC program is written into the taper automatic tension, with the slope adjustment tension

3 Pneumatic pressure regulating lifting type feeding with large cylinder.

4 Column plates are integrated without welding.

5Manually adjust a set of parent rolls,

6 Three-point three-axis triangular muffler, the muffler shaft is made of imported non-stick silicon rubber, both sides are made of CNC aerospace aluminum processing, with self-developed plus velvet muffler sponge in the middle, and years of experience in debugging the Shore hardness. The high-decibel sound of the sound is eliminated during work, and the matching angle and debugging method greatly reduce the noise during operation.

Charge margin

1 Knapsack friction asbestos material with adjustable tension

A set of precision wire arranging device with 2 polished rod stepless variable speed adjustable width

3 Move the linear slide rail to the left and right, and use nylon wheels to fix the paper tube.

4 The toll side has a backpack tension manual adjustment system

Control section

1 7 inch screen display

2 plc automatic control

3 Independent research and development of domestic and international universal counting program (accurate number of tape thickness in meters)

4 Chinese and English comparison There are three modes of flipping bar: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic

5 Detect the number of meters in the master batch to prevent the used material from re-penetrating the film. Record the number of flips and accumulate the total number of meters produced on the day.

6 can save the maximum amount of masterbatch


BOPP Adhesive Tape Production Line Slitting Cutting Rewinding Machine

Pipe cutting machine

16 mm thick wall panels are formed by plasma cutting at one time

2 One-time processing of 10mm thick top plate

3 The track is chrome-plated on the surface of No. 45 steel

4The sliding sleeve is inlaid with a copper sleeve, which is durable and wear-resistant. long life

5 Gearbox ductile iron. CNC center processing

6 Tube cutting time can be adjusted (according to the thickness of the customer's paper tube)


BOPP Adhesive Tape Production Line Slitting Cutting Rewinding MachineBOPP Adhesive Tape Production Line Slitting Cutting Rewinding Machine

Pipe drawing machine

1 45 angle iron welding forming

2 Large capacity hopper. Specially designed low-level trough

3 Convenient connection, wearing a foot underneath, is conducive to adjust the cylinder in and out in a straight line

4Equipped with quick exhaust valve


BOPP Adhesive Tape Production Line Slitting Cutting Rewinding Machine


1 10mm motherboard support plate 6mm thick

2 High-speed speed regulating motor

3 Fixed width sleeve

4 With counting function, the number of meters can be set

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